Happy Saturday friends.

God is great and I thank him for giving me an opportunity to live another day. Though last week has been really stressful for most of us, but today is the day to relax, spend time with our beloved family n friends. However it is also necessary to analyse what went wrong last week and how it could have been avoided or can be avoided in near future. After all we learn through our mistakes. But it also holds true that we often fail to figure out a solution to our problems, may be because we don’t share, or may be we are so much engrossed with it that it grows bigger and heavier within.

So how do you react when all your plans fall through ? Do you roll with the punches ? Or does anxiety keep you from enjoying life ? I am going to share 5 quick Stress Busters which I read in an article. It really helped me in streamlining my life & I am sure it will benefit you as well.

5 Quick Stress Busters

  1. Sleep more. Not just to rest our bodies but to rejuvenate our minds as well. ” Tired” and “Cranky” seems to go hand in hand. Don’t use your bedroom to finish off some work from office. Make it a haven. A place to relax and escape the day.
  2. HaveFaith. Saying a short prayer in times of stress can give you a sense of calm, especially when the situation is one you have no control over.
  3. Turn it off. Make sure you set clear limits on when you can and cannot be reached on your cellphone​. Your time off is yours.
  4. Take a holiday. Be just anywhere you can be and not think about the work or whatever tensions you may have. It’s important to take time for yourself. You’ll feel better with a fresh outlook.
  5. Treat yourself. Sign up for a local yoga class, or engage in swimming/ gym/ sports etc. And you will feel more relaxed.

Stress is unavoidable, but what we do with it is upto us.

After all our tenure on earth is not eternal, so is our problems.

Looking forward to suggestions/ advice/ comments. All the best !!

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