Social Media Stress and Youth.

‘A family that eats together, stays together’. But with change in time, no one seems to actually bother.

Today afternoon I made an awesome journey. Journey to my past. Yes, this afternoon made me a bit nostalgic. While I was looking through my old photo albums, the memories came alive. It was always great fun to spend meaningful moments with family, friends and loved ones. Genuinely caring and supporting our near and dear ones. Parents had time for their children and relationship was not just a word. People valued personal bonding and mutual trust was strong. Life was not perfect then. Life is neither perfect now, because we were never perfect then and we are still not perfect now. But yet we were happy because our main aim was to enjoy life in whatever we do, within our limit. Today, recreation is done mainly to upload the experience in social media, and happiness is measured by the number of likes. It is the status symbol and show off that receives importance over genuine happiness and relaxation. Needles to mention that we humans are never content with what we have but always curious on the lifestyle of our friends and associates. Magically their profile always seems to be perfect than ours across social media and their life seems to be super perfect. And we again forget our basics ‘ The grass on the other side always seems to be greener ‘….

Now this brings in dissatisfaction, unnecessary competition and above all STRESS.

I am not blaming social media for anything, because during any road accident, it is always the driver and not the car who is to be interrogated.

Social media has been a boon to the society, connecting people across the globe conveniently at 1st phase, re grouping like minded people with similar interest in the second phase and then grouping them basis age, gender, education, profession, location and various other factors in the third phase, making every individual a prospective lead and finally a customer or end user to various products or services offered by business owners. It has also become a huge platform for sharing information of various nature, such as current affairs, offers, new product or service launch, reader or user reviews and many more. A virtual stage to share amazing talents across and a dominating medium of entertainment and education as well, bringing various facilities within the reach of everyone at a cost much lower than the traditional means, there by benefiting both the user and the provider.

But everything has its pros and cons. Our sensible decision depends on our careful consideration of both the factors. Hence some people enjoy the benefits of social media while some face stress. Providing too much personal information on social media makes you more vulnerable to danger and crime. Trusting a stranger blindly on social media may turn out to be a nightmare. Being physically present on a family gathering but staying glued to various social media sites, seems to be rude and drifts the family bonding apart. Parents should avoid such scenario and set examples for their children. They must ensure that their children too avoid such scenario. Sometimes giving space becomes a costly affair.

So lead a life not in search of virtual fame but in search of true happiness minus stress.